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Meet the woman behind the business

To give you a bit of background as to why I started #Hashtag PR, let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Josie Elysia, it's not pronounced Ee-lye-sia, but rather E-lee-see-a and I started out in a very different trajectory.

I earned an Honours Bachelors in Psychology with an accompanying Thesis at the University of Windsor and following that I received a Master's Degree in Philosophy at the same school. 

With wide eyes and a naive belief about the world, I ventured out into the job market under the impression that university would be the key to open the door to a good job. Boy, was I wrong! After searching for employment and being rejected numerous times, I realized I needed to learn a skill. Something tangible and practical rather than purely theoretical. With that, I went to St. Clair College and obtained a diploma in Public Relations.

Public Relations though it seems unrelated to my other two degrees is actually very complimentary. I like to say that Public Relations is the practical expression of social psychology and philosophy; it is the product created at the intersection of argumentation and social psychology.

#Hashtag PR was founded with the belief that you can use psychology and philosophy to create bridges between a client and their audience.

#Hashtag PR offers a comprehensive approach with the speed and agility you need to propel your business forward. We pride ourselves on our ability to come up with creative ways to engage your audience. We take care of your creative needs so that you can focus on running your business.


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